Warehouse Audit

Warehouse audits are a critical part of improving the efficiency of warehouse operations and workflows, so you should make them one of your standard distribution center processes. Conduct audits regularly instead of all at once. Auditing your warehouse doesn’t need to impact your supply chain or prevent you from delivering to customers on time. Break them up into manageable portions rather than trying to tackle a full spectrum audit once or twice a year.

Employee performance
  • Does the worker consistently meet or exceed goals and benchmarks?
  • Do they work well with their teammates?
  • Are they proactive in addressing issues or concerns if/when they arise?
  • Do they follow proper safety protocols?
  • Warehouse Equipment
  • Are forklifts being properly maintained and inspected, and do you have supporting documentation?
  • Are ladders fully functional and stored safely out of the way?
  • Are storage racks in good standing, free of rust, and assembled with all proper nuts, bolts, etc.?
  • Are loading bay doors fully functional and well maintained?

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