The “ANBIN VIDHAI CHARITABLE TRUST” was constituted in the year 2021 by Mr. A. Kallarpiran, along with his friends, driven by their sense of social responsibility, with the objective to provide educational assistance to the students from the economically weaker sections, and to ensure that the destitute senior citizens are given decent food, shelter and medical care for the rest of their lives. For more than a decade now, Mr. A. Kallarpiran and other trustees have involved themselves in various social services.

All these social services are carried out with the help of many other people of similar interests, on a part time basis. Driven by their love and concern for the society and the people around them, they decided to make this a regular part of their lives, and it was with this intention that the “ANBIN VIDHAI CHARITABLE TRUST” (Registration No. 167/2021) was constituted.

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Anbin Vidhai Services

  • Providing lunch to 10 senior citizens every day.
  • Planting 100 trees each month and watering them.
  • Providing 5 kilos of rice to 10 widows or senior citizens each month.
  • Conducting free medical camps
  • Providing safety and awareness training at four schools or colleges each month.
  • Financial assistance to students from economically weaker sections of the society.
  • Providing monthly financial assistance to senior citizens for their food requirements.
  • Providing clothes to the homeless senior citizens who live on the streets.
  • Students Scholarship
  • Competitions
  • Free Trainings (Our Premises)
  • Creating awareness about the need of wearing PPE.
  • Conducting job fairs for qualified students from the economically weaker sections, and ensuring employment for them.
  • Providing students with 100 tree saplings each month, as part of creating environmental awareness
  • Providing basic amenities and facilities to the schools in the nearby areas
  • Creating awareness among the masses about blood, eye and organ donation.
  • Providing educational training for the students from the economically weaker sections of the society.
  • Providing free Tailoring Classes and free computer trainings to Village women
  • Setting up senior citizen homes in Future
  • Honoring the best performing social activist each year with awards, in order to encourage them.
  • Awareness Trainings for Schools and Colleges,providing Free Fire Extinguishers ,
  • TV, Silambam-Self Defence Encourage, and etc.,