Machine Safety

A visual or more rigorous inspection by a competent person to identify whether the equipment can be operated, adjusted and maintained safely, and that any deterioration can be detected and fixed before it gives rise to unacceptable risks. If necessary, inspection includes testing in an appropriate manner and also be suitable by design, construction or adaptation for the actual work it is provided to do and be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification and instructions

  • Design Checks
  • Fundamental Safety checks in machine for safe operation
  • Equipment and workplace regulations checking
  • Occupational Health and Safety considerations in relation to machinery, including ergonomics, noise, vibration, illumination, etc.,
  • Checking of Mechanical guarding
  • Checking of Safety components and technologies like, operation, safety curtain, etc.,
  • Checking of Electrical safety in machinery and related equipment’s
  • Inspection of Functional safety parameters
  • Standards used for Reference

  • ✓Standards & Codes requirement analysis – used for manufacturing the machinery

    ✓The Factories Act – 1948

    ✓The Tamil Nadu Factories Rules – 1950

    ✓Central Electrical Authority Regulations