Elements Of Occupational Safety And Health System IS 14489-1998 (Reaffirmed 2002)

1.Occupational Safety and Health policy

3.Education and Training

5.Motivational and promotional measures for OS&H

7.Compliance with Statutory requirements

9.Accident reporting Analysis investigation and implementation of Recommendations

11.Safety Inspections

13.First-Aid facilities- Occupational Health Centre

15.Good Housekeeping

17.Material handling equipment

19.Ventilation, Illumination and Noise

21.Prevention of Occupational diseases including periodical Medical Examination

23.Work permit System

25.Emergency Preparedness Plan (on-Site/Off-Site)

27.Transportation of Hazardous Substances

29.Safety in Storage and Warehousing

31.Safety for Customers (Including Material Safety Data Sheets)

2.OS&H organizational Setup

4.Employees participation in OS&H Management

6.Safety Manual and rules

8.New Equipment review/ Inspection

10.Risk Assessment Including Hazard Identifications

12.Health and Safety improvement plans and targets

14.Personal protective equipment

16.Machines and General Area Guarding

18.Electrical and Personal Safeguarding

20.Work Environment Monitoring System

22.Safe Operating procedures

24.Fire Prevention, Protection and fighting Systems

26.Plant/Process Modification Procedures

28.Hazardous waste treatment and Disposal

30.Contractor Safety Systems

Types Of Records To Be Verified During Audit

1.OH&S Policy

3.Training records on Safety, Fire and First-Aid

5.Accidents Investigation reports

7.Records of test and examinations of equipment and structures as per statues

9.Record of work permits

11.Maintenance and testing records of fire detection and firefighting equipment

13.Records of Industrial Hygiene surveys

(Noise, ventilation and illumination levels, air borne and toxic substances, explosive gases)

15.On-Site Emergency Plans and Record of Mock Drills

17.Record of effluent discharges to the environment

19.Minutes of Safety committee meetings

21.Records of any modification carried out in the plant or process

23.Calibration and testing records

25.In service Inspection manual, records including that of Material Handling

27.Inspection Books and Other Statutory records

29.Safety in transportation of Hazardous substances

2.Safety organization Chart

4.Record of plant safety inspection

6.Accidents and dangerous occurrences statics and analysis

8.Safe operating procedures for various operation

10.Records of monitoring of flammable and explosive substance at workplace

12.Medical records of employees

14.Material Safety Data Sheets

16.Records of waste Disposal

18.Housekeeping Inspection Records

20.Approval of plant layouts and other approval from statutory Authorities

22.Maintenance procedure records

24.Shutdown Maintenance procedures

26.Safety Budget

28.Records of previous Audits