ARC Flash Study

The purpose of an Arc flash study is a risk assessment of a workplace environment that determines Arc Flash hazards. An expert in electrical safety conducts an assessment to ensure that a company understands the risks their workplace poses to their team and how to protect against them. An Arc Flash study will identify areas of low risk, as well as those at high risk of an Arc Flash incident. This allows you to tailor your Arc Flash protection strategy accordingly. The study will also assess the potential severity of injury at a given distance and locate the protection boundary at which there is a severe danger of second-degree burns.

Scope Of The work Covers

  • Data Collection & Single Line Diagram updation
  • Short Circuit system study
  • Arc Flash & Shock Hazard Analysis
  • Identifying of PPE Category & Flash Protection Boundaries (FPB)
  • Label Generation for calculated arc flash incident energy
  • Enquiry