Accident Investigation

An accident investigation is a systematic process of collecting and analyzing all the information pertaining to any incidents resulting in injury, illness, or death.

Investigating the cause of accidents and incidents is good practice, even though investigation is only required by a limited selection of health and safety legislation

A guide to investigation, the guidance features are.
  • Gathering information.
  • Analyzing information.
  • Identifying risk control measures.
  • Producing and implementing an action plan.

Investigations should always take place for incidents occuring in a high-risk environment where risk control measures need to be robust. High risks may result from the use of equipment or plant, the use of hazardous substances or work in certain places such as confined spaces. The time and effort put into the investigation may vary considerably according to the potential severity of injury and/or damage.

The benefits to employers who undertake accident investigation include:
  • a better understanding of risk and provision of information for use in risk assessment
  • reducing the risk of accidents and incidents in the future
  • a powerful tool for motivating organisational learning and activating cultural change
  • a means of understanding and obtaining information on management systems
  • a useful means of demonstrating the status of safety management in an organisation
  • providing evidence of any discrepancy between what should be in place, Eg safe systems of work.