Safety training is a key element in the prevention of work-related injuries, illnesses and death. When educated on safety procedures, employees will know how to prevent an incident in the workplace by properly operating machinery and handling equipments, and will also learn how to respond quickly if presented with a dangerous situation. To Avoid Accidents, SEED FOR SAFETY will present...

* In House Training
* On the Job Training
* BBS Implementation Training
* Public demos and Fire Demos
* First Aid Demos
* Mock Drill and Customized Safety Training

List Of Training And Its Scope

Safety in Construction Industry
Mode of Language ▪  English, Hindi & Tamil
Scope of the program ▪  About the construction safety challenges
▪  Electrical safety
▪  Safety with handtools
▪  Construction hazards
▪  Fall prevention
▪  first aid safety
▪  fire safety

Requirements ▪  Training Hall and Setting Arrangements

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