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      Hi, and welcome to the our Elearning Packages. If you are a safety manager, supervisor, committee member, or someone who is intrested into the occupational safety and health field, this package  will help you to  understand your important responsibilities.

Here's how it works (Read this... it's important!)


  1. Study each elearning Topics . Just click on the ElearningPackage "Tabs" tab above to get started. It take about 30 minutes to one hour to complete each module, including the quiz.
  2. Backward And Forward Buttons.***Optional*** Each Module Contain BackWard, Next buttons to go previos and next Page. If You Want  to Close Eleaning Package ,'Click' the Home page Button which is placed on top of the elearning packages.
  3. If you have suggestion as you study, please send the email to  support@seedforsafety.com.


OK, Let's go!